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Friday, April 27, 2012

Thanksgiving All Year: 361-370

Ahhh, another lovely week has gone by and I am posting on time once again! And I have lots of pictures to share this week! Hooray!

This week I am thankful...

361. For BEAUTIFUL weather last weekend that enabled me to enjoy both my weekly coffee + reading excursion AND dinner with my parents at our favorite pizza place outdoors on Saturday and also allowed me to spend part of my Sunday afternoon with my feet in the Truckee River while I took pictures, enjoyed God's creation, and re-read a couple of my favorite chapters of Blue Like Jazz.

The tree outside the coffee shop
was enjoying the weather, too!
Finally, a photo of
the pizza whose praises I've already sung!
blossoms at the park I went to on Sunday
double refreshment!

362. For the beautiful Biblical principles related to what I've heard referred to as "appropriate smallness" ~ recognizing how great God is and how small I am ~ in Louie Giglio's book I Am Not But I Know I Am.


363. For increased confidence in conversing with strangers, which is allowing me to make more connections with people outside my "Christian bubble."

364. For a co-workers who truly love the Lord and are so much fun to spend time with, whether we're discussing our faith or just laughing together.

We ladies were missing Jane!

365. That God brought the Thompson family to our church last year (through a series of events that makes a pretty awesome story, actually)... I am so thankful for Pastor Eric's heart for the Gospel and his leadership of the young adults.

366. For the people who comprise our fellowship group.

These ladies make the rest of us
look more refined!

367. For time with my nephew. (Let's just be honest, this may show up on my list every week for the rest of my life!)

I LOVE his expression here!!!!!!!
Cannot get enough of that precious grin!

368. For deep-fried squash blossoms filled with cheese. Oh my goodness these things are delectable!

That's also dandelion soda! What a cool place!

369. For a life lesson in tenacity and the reward of not giving up on something, especially when it's something you're pursuing for the sake of someone else more than for yourself.

seeing "Blue Like Jazz" with Tara and Zack
on the last night of its run in Sacramento

370. That the Gospel is, in reality, so very simple in spite of the fact that we all too often tend to complicate it.

I have so much to be thankful for... I feel like I just continue to realize more and more how ABUNDANTLY God has blessed me! It's humbling, really. I'm so grateful. I hope you all have a great weekend! Until next time...

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