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Friday, April 13, 2012

Thanksgiving All Year: 341-350

In an effort to get back to my original plan of posting my weekly list of thanks-giving each FRIDAY, I am here posting what I'm thankful for for the second time this week! Let's see if I can keep this up... Doubtful, but we'll see!

This week, I am thankful...

341. For the opportunity to stay with Erin and Caleb for the past four nights while Cassidy was at a conference in Washington, D.C.

Belgian waffles Erin made for dinner

Caleb in his jammies, ready for bed
342. For the super comfortable, warm bed in Cassidy and Erin's guest room.

343. That Jessie and I got to see Mat Kearney in concert again this week! I seriously LOVE seeing him live! It was fun this time around hearing him talk about his college days in nearby Chico, telling us how he pulled a "hat trick" (aka scoring three goals) during his first college soccer game and how "it was all downhill from there," haha! I love, love, love his music anyway, but the fact that he really just seems like such a down-to-earth and funny guy makes me an even bigger fan!

So glad he played in
Reno AND Sacramento!

344. For laughs and good conversation with Jessie during our mini road trip.

being silly in parking lots
and enjoying the concert

345. That God controls the weather and was very merciful with us on Tuesday night... It was supposed to be snowing over Donner Pass as we drove home late after the concert, but the storm stalled before it got into the mountains so other than a couple of patches of fog, we didn't run into ANY inclement weather!! Thank You, Lord!

346. For a super refreshing coffee date with Audrey on Wednesday afternoon. It is so encouraging to talk with former youth group girls who have continued to walk with the Lord after graduating high school instead of falling away from Him and are now living lives of faith out in "the real world."

with some of my favorite ladies at a wedding last summer ~
Audrey is in front on the right wearing the pink dress

347. For my Wednesday evening with Erin as we cooked dinner together, talked about life, called to wish my grandmother a happy birthday, prayed for people we know who are hurting, "FaceTimed" our siblings in Baltimore (Cassidy and Eric stayed with Kara while at their conference), watched American Idol, and took turns snuggling with Caleb. I loved my entire week staying with them but Wednesday night was my favorite!

...and this was how the evening ended. Perfect!

348. That I can be thinking some deep thought about my walk with God even while singing along to mainstream music by the likes of Dave Matthews Band... Hahaha, while I was driving to work Thursday I realized this happening and I gratefully reflected on the fact that I can enjoy elements of the mainstream world while never losing sight of the fact that my purpose and joy are completely wrapped up in my heavenly Father.

349. That Judy and I got to enjoy a delicious breakfast at Peg's Glorified Ham and Eggs this morning... We haven't seen much of each other for the past few weeks so it was good to catch up!

350. For the hilarity of reminiscing with Ashley about the time we decided to float down the Truckee River on an overcast Saturday in August 2010 when it was only like 65 degrees outside... The experience included Ben's raft gradually deflating throughout the day, me falling off my raft and almost getting carried away raft-less by the current, Ashley accidentally kicking me in the head, my raft popping when I floated into a tree branch, and all five of us huddling in Ashley's car with the heat blasting for about a half-hour once we crawled out of the cold water. Ahhhhh, the memories!! Hahahahaha!!!

Still freezing, haha!

Even as I continue to wait with great longing and anticipation for the Lord to unfold His plan for other parts of my life, I recognize that He has already blessed me so much through my friends and family, and I don't ever want to take for granted the abundant blessings He's given me there already. This week has been particularly blessed (and it's not over yet, as I look forward to spending time relaxing at home with my parents tonight before Ashley and I take our own mini road trip to Sacramento tomorrow!) and today I am so thankful! Until next time...

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Carrie said...

Lots to be thankful for - and I LOVE that photo of you with Caleb...priceless!! :-) Don't you just LOVE being an Aunt?!