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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Thanksgiving All Year: 321-330

Good evening, friends! Check it out, I am getting this week's list of thanks-giving posted in a somewhat timely fashion! Go, me! =)

This week I am thankful...

321. That I have the privilege of working with my brother, which means on any given day I can wander into his office and enjoy an impromptu, meaningful conversation about the Gospel and Gospel-centered living.

322. For the second meeting with our young adults fellowship group planning team. I'm always so encouraged by our time together!

323. That God rearranged my plans last Wednesday so that I ended up with the entire afternoon off and the house to myself, and that Eric had loaned me two books that very morning which led me to spend my free time reading a great book (Blue Like Jazz) -- in its entirety, in one sitting, for the first time in my entire life.


324. For the inspiration that came through my afternoon of reading to set aside a few hours each week for some quality time with a good book at a locally-owned coffee shop.

325. For having read a second wonderful book (A Million Miles in a Thousand Years) within five days of reading of Blue Like Jazz.


326. That God used Donald Miller's reflections on truly learning to receive God's grace to enhance a couple of conversations I had with friends over the weekend.

327. That I had a denim jacket in my car to put on after my nephew's diaper evidently malfunctioned at a school fundraiser on Friday night, hahahahaha!!!

Hey, if someone can
get away with this...'s definitely gonna be
this little guy!!! <3

328. For a couple of unexpected, pleasant encounters over the weekend.

329. For a fun time with my mom and her friend on Monday, going out for pizza and seeing "October Baby" (which is a great movie, by the way!).


330. For the realization that God is teaching me to keep my eyes on Him not only when things are not going the way I want them to and I am tempted toward discouragement or despair, but also when unexpected POSITIVE things happen and I am tempted to get carried away with excitement and lose my focus on Him. I think I'm moving closer to a thing called BALANCE, and that is an odd sensation for me, but it's one I for which I am most grateful!

Hope y'all are enjoying your week!! Until next time...

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