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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Thanksgiving All Year: 281-290

I think the most challenging part of posting this weekly list of thanks-giving (aside from doing it in a timely fashion, hehe) is trying to come up with some sort of introductory paragraph. Sometimes I have something to say, but other times, I've got nothin'. And today is one of those "other times." Is it bad to skip pleasantries and dive right in??

Today, I am thankful...

281. For an EXTREMELY encouraging meeting with the advisory(ish) team for our young adults fellowship group last Wednesday. I am SO excited about the vision for this group and cannot wait to see how God is going to work in and through us as we continue to seek Him in the weeks ahead!

282. That God is so gracious as to send words of encouragement to me through other people's posts on Facebook on days when I really need (and sometimes even ask for) an extra boost.

283. For weekly coffee dates with Jessie.

Jessie's creative photography
meets Instagram during one of
our coffee dates a few weeks back!

284. For a quiet and relaxing Friday evening to myself, featuring leftover Blind Onion pizza and new (to me) episodes of Arrested Development.

285. For a challenging but fun workout Saturday morning, using The Firm's "Total Body Time Crunch" -- the first workout DVD I ever purchased, and one I haven't used in a while but really enjoy!

286. For a BEAUTIFUL, warm Sunday afternoon...

287. ...and for friends with whom to enjoy it!

288. That the new Blind Onion, which is closer to home than any of the others, is finally open! (Two mentions of Blind Onion in one post... Perhaps I'm a little pizza-crazy right now!)

289. For God's faithfulness in demonstrating how He can and will answer prayers -- even without my help (gasp!) -- when I am trusting Him and being faithful to do what He's called me to do!

290. For plans for a day trip to California with Jessie this coming weekend to see Gungor in concert... Can't wait!!

Gungor opened for David Crowder
last fall and we fell in love!

 Happy March, y'all!!


Carrie said...

There are MANY times when I just jump right in to the thankfulness list because I have nothing else to say. It works. :-) That pizza place sounds yummy - is it a local chain?

Kaysi said...

Thanks for the affirmation!! =) It's semi-local... We have four in the Reno-Sparks area, and there are a few in Oregon & Washington! It is DELICIOUS. Maybe next time I eat there I'll think to take a picture of my pizza to post! =)