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Friday, April 20, 2012

Thanksgiving All Year: 351-360

HOORAY for posting this week's list of thanks-giving on Friday as originally intended!! I have to admit, I had so many things I wanted to include in my list this week, I kept having to combine things in order to stick with the routine 10 items -- and even so, I can think of at least three things off the top of my head that I didn't include at all! Obviously, I'm not complaining!! It's been a good week, but I'm becoming increasingly aware that how "good" my weeks are is a lot more dependent on my perspective than my circumstances. And I'm finding that to be a pretty freeing realization.

Today I am thankful...

351. For a fun day trip to Sacramento last Saturday with Ashley to see "Blue Like Jazz" (and eat at Chipotle and, of course, Chick-fil-A!), and for meaningful conversation on the way there and back.

Purple Bean peanut butter mocha
frappuccinos in hand,
ready to head through
the mountains into California!
After some time goofing off in
the mall, we had the theater
to ourselves for a few minutes
before Blue Like Jazz started!

352. For a spontaneous trip back to Sacramento the very next day with Jessie to see "BLJ" again. (That was my third trip to Sac in one week, and that was quite enough haha!)

353. For the joy of seeing some of our high school guys playing with the worship team in our main service last Sunday.

354. For total contentment in "going with the flow" in the midst of mild chaos getting to and being at a Florence + the Machine concert Tuesday night, and for making new friends along the way.

I already knew Samantha and Christy
but just met Holly!

355. For a job with flexibility in scheduling, and for my newly adjusted schedule... I switched my Mondays off to Wednesdays so I can keep my nephew, and although I wasn't excited to give up my three-day weekends, I'm amazed at how much BETTER I like this new schedule!!!

He's totally the cutest thing
I've ever laid eyes on.
He wasn't loving our venture
into the backyard, but it's
pretty adorable how he's
holding onto my thumb, huh? ->

356. For Reno skies.

357. For a most excellent coffee date with Jessie this week, and for a COMPLETELY surprising ~ almost to the point of hilarity ~ divine appointment.

So this picture was at the Florence concert,
not our coffee date, but you get the idea...

358. For trusted friendships that are safe enough for honesty, confession, and vulnerability, and meet such with grace, understanding, truth, accountability, encouragement, love, and hope!

359. That, although I was super disappointed to see Colton go home so early in the competition (a fluke, I do believe), I was overjoyed to see his exit performance which he blatantly sang as a worship song to God... There is no doubt in my mind the Lord has some amazing plans ahead of that man!

360. For signs of new life...

As I was talking to God this morning I was just overwhelmed with gratitude for how FULL life is... No, things are not perfect in my life right now (nor will they ever be as long as we are on this earth), but I honestly feel like EVERYWHERE I look I am seeing beauty lately, even in the midst of pain and brokenness. And I realize all that beauty is a reflection of the great God I serve. I am so very thankful I recognize Him as the living and active center of my life! I hope you are seeing beauty around you today as well and recognizing Who the source is! Until next time...


Carrie said...

Awesome thoughts, Kaysi! I've shared your list on my Busy Nothings FB page (along with a couple of new list makers) in the hopes that it will encourage others to take time to count their blessings. It's a total attitude adjustment for me. Enjoy your Wednesdays with your nephew - before you know it, he'll be 18 and off to college {sniff, sniff}. :-) Have a great week-end!

Kaysi said...

Thanks so much, Carrie!!! I totally benefit from this weekly thanks-giving exercise ~ THANKS for being an inspiration for it!! =) And I soak up every minute I can with that sweet little guy! =) You have a great weekend as well, friend!

Beth Stone said...

It is amazing what a difference it makes in one's attitude about everything - life in general- when you take time to stop and notice the good things and acknowledge that they come from God, the giver of all good gifts. It's definitely helped me keep things in a healthy perspective, even during difficult times... I'm glad it's been a good experience for you too. :o)