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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Thanksgiving All Year: 331-340

We have had some really beautiful weather in Reno this past week. Of course, we've also had some snow (that's Reno for ya!) but it's been refreshing to enjoy some sunshine, feel some warmth, and see some signs of the new growth that spring brings... It just makes you feel a little more hopeful about all of life, and considering the fact that I seem to know a lot of people who are going through really tough stuff right now, HOPE is a beautiful thing to be reminded of.

This week, I am thankful...

331. For family gatherings.

While Erin's sister Kara was in town
we gathered the families for an
early Easter celebration with
lots of great food and fun!

332. For new music.

333. For another installment of Jessie's and my bi-monthly-ish tradition of spending a Saturday afternoon having lunch at My Favorite Muffin, going for a walk downtown, and [sometimes] seeing a movie.

yummy sandwiches at
My Favorite Muffin

enjoying the sunshine before
seeing "The Hunger Games"

334. For evidence of spring!

335. For Louie Giglio's powerful message of grace (which he defines as "God at work" because "the opposite of grace is 'ME at work'") in the Passion "Fruitcake and Ice Cream" DVD.

336. That our worship team did a wonderful job leading our church family in celebrating our risen Savior this past Sunday.

337. For moments in the sunshine with my family on Easter.

338. For my nephew's precious smile.

Is he NOT the cutest little guy
you've ever seen?!

339. That God uses the testing of our faith to produce endurance, and that He's giving me not only the grace to endure but also the desire to let endurance have its perfect result in my life.

340. For the reminder in a devotional Dana shared with me that, "God doesn’t waste time … He redeems it. The time of waiting will be used to prosper us in each season of life," -- and for the grace to choose to believe that.

Sunday afternoon I was messing around on Pinterest and came across an excellent reminder (and a timely one for Easter) that "a lot can happen in just three days." As I mentioned already, it seems like I know so many people right now who are going through really difficult times. Not all of them are life-or-death (though some of them are) but pain is pain, and I feel heavy-hearted for my friends who are facing trials right now regardless of the magnitude as we might perceive it. In light of that, I really am grateful for the reminder that we serve a God who is mighty to save and who truly can make what seems impossible become a reality -- even in as little as three days.

I hope this truth encourages you in whatever you may be facing today! Until next time...

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