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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Thanksgiving All Year: 291-320

Oh my word. I seriously cannot believe how far behind I am on my blog. This. Is. Ridiculous. Whatevs, on with the show.

Over the past several weeks, in spite of my absence/laziness, I HAVE been thankful...

291. That I caught a sinus infection super early and was able to knock it almost completely out with antibiotics within a mere three days.

292. For a crazy-fast turnaround time getting in and out of the doctor's office the day after my sinus infection started.

293. For antibiotics.

294. For a Saturday with NO PLANS during which I made a little nest on the couch at Cassidy and Erin's (where I was house sitting) and just tried to get over that dreadful sinus infection.

295. For a safe and pretty drive over the hill with Jessie in snowy weather...

296. see Gungor in concert...

297. ...and for the opportunity to meet up with Cassidy, Erin, and Caleb for dinner at Panera before the show!

298. For The Firm's "Power Half-Hour" workout DVD.

299. For Jessie's availability for a last-minute coffee date on a recent Sunday afternoon when I found myself in town with a couple of hours to kill.

300. For the rediscovery of Isaiah 57:10:
"You were tired out by the length of your road,
Yet you did not say, 'It is hopeless.'
You found renewed strength,
Therefore you did not faint.
301. That God gave me the grace to trust that He spoke through me as I shared about the gift of encouragement at our fellowship group last Tuesday, in spite of the fact that I am NOT a gifted speaker. 

302. For the inspiration and ability to put together small gifts of encouragement for our fellowship group as a part of my sharing last week. 

Each small box was filled with
50 encouraging quotes/Scriptures/lyrics.
I also made CDs featuring Gungor,
Mat Kearney, Mumford and Sons, and more.
303. For Colton Dixon's moving take on Billy Joel's "Piano Man" on American Idol last week...

304. ...and for the priceless comments he made after performing about asking God to use him and wanting HIM to shine through first and foremost.
{Ladies and gentlemen, I think it's safe to say I've chosen my pick for this season.}
I've posted the video of his performance below, but I'm very frustrated to see that they cut it off JUST before Ryan Seacrest came out and asked him the question that led to his comments about wanting God to use him... The footage was available on youtube last week but it's been removed. Boo!

305. That Hee Jun Han was not eliminated from American Idol last week despite being in the bottom three.
{Colton may be my pick to win, but I'm still loyal to Hee Jun as well!}

306. That I got my credit card payment in the day it was due after having completely spaced it.

307. For Trader Joe's dark chocolate mint espresso beans.

308. For Mat Kearney's "Young Love" and "City of Black and White" albums. I seem to love both albums even more with each listen. 

Buy it here!

Buy it here!
309. That Jessie and I have the opportunity to see Mat Kearney in concert again next month. WOOT!

310. For this journal my mom gave me several months ago that I decided to use for recording memorable quotes...

311. ...and for the plethora of encouraging words already filling its pages (with a few humorous lines thrown in for good measure).

312. For rainbows.


313. For the opportunity to go for a walk in the sunshine after work last Friday.

314. For relaxing moments spent listening to Mat Kearney after that walk in the sunshine while I messed around on Pinterest and waited for Jessie to come over. It was one of those moments of just blissful contentment.

315. For an amazingly encouraging yogurt date with Alina on Saturday. INCREDIBLE how God puts people in our lives who can relate almost EXACTLY to things we are going through at different times.

316. For a "Jake hug" on Sunday from my friend who's in town from Oregon on spring break.

317. For an impromptu movie night with Ashley and Jake on Sunday.

being goofs after a
"Night at the Museum" double-header

318. For getting to hang out with Ashley three days in a row.

with Luke and Ash at
a surprise party for our friend Jon

319. That God has given me MULTIPLE friends who are always so gracious as to lend me an ear, especially when my brain and/or heart start gettin' a little flustered.

320. That I'm finally caught up on this blog. {For now.}

Here's to trying to stay on top of this thing a little better in the days ahead -- and perhaps, just maybe, even posting something besides my lists of thanks-giving again sometime soon!!

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Thanksgiving All Year: 281-290

I think the most challenging part of posting this weekly list of thanks-giving (aside from doing it in a timely fashion, hehe) is trying to come up with some sort of introductory paragraph. Sometimes I have something to say, but other times, I've got nothin'. And today is one of those "other times." Is it bad to skip pleasantries and dive right in??

Today, I am thankful...

281. For an EXTREMELY encouraging meeting with the advisory(ish) team for our young adults fellowship group last Wednesday. I am SO excited about the vision for this group and cannot wait to see how God is going to work in and through us as we continue to seek Him in the weeks ahead!

282. That God is so gracious as to send words of encouragement to me through other people's posts on Facebook on days when I really need (and sometimes even ask for) an extra boost.

283. For weekly coffee dates with Jessie.

Jessie's creative photography
meets Instagram during one of
our coffee dates a few weeks back!

284. For a quiet and relaxing Friday evening to myself, featuring leftover Blind Onion pizza and new (to me) episodes of Arrested Development.

285. For a challenging but fun workout Saturday morning, using The Firm's "Total Body Time Crunch" -- the first workout DVD I ever purchased, and one I haven't used in a while but really enjoy!

286. For a BEAUTIFUL, warm Sunday afternoon...

287. ...and for friends with whom to enjoy it!

288. That the new Blind Onion, which is closer to home than any of the others, is finally open! (Two mentions of Blind Onion in one post... Perhaps I'm a little pizza-crazy right now!)

289. For God's faithfulness in demonstrating how He can and will answer prayers -- even without my help (gasp!) -- when I am trusting Him and being faithful to do what He's called me to do!

290. For plans for a day trip to California with Jessie this coming weekend to see Gungor in concert... Can't wait!!

Gungor opened for David Crowder
last fall and we fell in love!

 Happy March, y'all!!