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Friday, November 18, 2011

Pray for Reno

I spent last night with my friend Jessie and neither of us could believe the insane winds that we heard roaring throughout the night. As I drove to work this morning I could see the smoke in the distance, which usually means there's a wildfire somewhere, but I had NO IDEA until I got to work and started seeing posts on Facebook that I was actually witnessing a fire that had been burning throughout the night, fueled by these crazy winds. So far at least 20 homes have been burned and 9500 people have been evacuated.

more photos here

Please pray for our community. We've been hit with several tragedies over the past few months: a shootout (seemingly aimed at the National Guard) at an IHOP in Carson City in which four people were killed on September 6; a plane crash into the stands at the Reno Air Races on September 16, eventually leading to 10 deaths; more shootings during the annual Street Vibrations event on September 24; the unexpected death of a local television sports director just this past weekend due to a hit-and-run accident involving alcohol; and now this wildfire.

Sure makes you wonder what God is up to. Thanks for your prayers.


Beth Stone said...

Goodness... you have been through a lot there lately. I will be praying for your area.... stay safe!

Kaysi said...

Thanks, Beth!! Thankfully we live way north of where the bulk of this has been going on. It's crazy, though. I can't stop watching the google map that's showing where fires have been reported.