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Saturday, November 19, 2011

Hope Thru Art

The other day I mentioned the Hollywood Prayer Network in a blog post... In their newsletter this month, this blurb caught my eye:
We thank God for creative people who also use their art to reach out to others! Two creative people, Steve and Kristen, use art, primarily poetry and photographs, to give hope to the lost in Hollywood. Would you pray for them as you check out their ministry Hope Thru Art on Facebook.

I checked them out and immediately connected with these two pieces:

I think this expresses our culture very well... But the message around the rim
also hits me in my own life in this season where I believe God is teaching me to
BE STILL and WAIT for Him to work... Changing the tense to apply it to myself,
I ask, "Why am I afraid to be still and listen?"
And THIS one... This one expresses the very thing
I've been longing for these past few months, the
wonderful truth that GOD HEALS BROKEN THINGS... I LOVE it.
And once again God gives me a little nudge of hope in an unexpected place.

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