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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

How Great Thou Art

This morning while I was getting ready for work I put on my choir practice music for our upcoming Living Christmas Tree program. My ipod was on shuffle and I had totally forgotten that the playlist included a really beautiful rendition of "How Great Thou Art" that we sang in church a couple months ago. As it played, my eyes welled up with tears as I considered how big our God is.

enjoying lunch with Jessie and Dana by the river yesterday
When we sang this in church, a slideshow of majestic scenes in nature played along with the music. Nature is always an incredible reminder of God's greatness... But the personal illustration that came to my mind this morning as I listened to the song was a simple conversation my friend Dana and I had yesterday while we were having lunch at the river about how although our personalities are very different, we actually share a lot similarities. She was telling me about another friend of hers who also has a very different personality from hers but with whom she has also found much in common. And THAT is what moved me this morning as I listened to "How Great Thou Art" ~ that God can give two people with such different dispositions a close-knit bond such as the one He's given Dana and me or Dana and the other friend she mentioned.

I felt so blessed that God would provide a treasured friendship in a place where I wouldn't typically expect to find one. And I was reminded that I can trust my great big God. Sometimes I get so caught up in the storms of life that I forget just how much He loves me and how much I can trust Him. In that moment I knew that even if things in my life don't go the way I'm hoping and praying they will, I will be okay because I have a Heavenly Father who loves me more than I can fathom.

I don't know about you, but that's the kind of reminder I can use ALL the time.

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