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Monday, November 14, 2011

"I hear what you mean."

an afternoon walk downtown last fall
after having lunch at My Favorite Muffin
This is a saying my friend Jessie made up a couple of years ago. We both tend to have trouble expressing our thoughts vocally, but when talking with each other we usually understand what the other person is trying to say in spite of that. "I hear what you mean" is the phrase we use to say, in effect, "I get it."

I love my friendship with Jessie. We've known each other for over four years and she has been one of the most cherished friends I've ever had. There are few other people with whom I feel as comfortable sharing my heart. I think a big reason for this is that sarcasm is virtually nonexistent in our friendship. Now we might tease each other occasionally, and I'm not against sarcasm altogether, but I will admit there are times it wears on me after a while. I think the lack of sarcasm between Jessie and me keeps us from feeling we have to be guarded around each other, and that is a real gift.

Because so much of our friendship is centered around heart-to-heart conversation, I don't have a zillion pictures of our times together. Our biggest shared experience was a weekend road trip to Oregon a couple years ago during which we visited our friend Krystal and went to a school musical she was starring in. Another friend, Amber, went with us as well and we had a BLAST! But honestly, my favorite times with Jessie mostly consist of having coffee, going for walks downtown, and simply watching TV shows and movies that we both enjoy. (We both loved The Office so much we used to spend the night with my brother and sister-in-law every Thursday so we could all watch it together!)

Krystal, Amber, Jessie, and me in downtown Salem, Oregon

A couple months ago Jessie and I decided to start meeting for coffee every Thursday after work instead of just looking for random times to get together. (It JUST dawned on me that it's sort of ironic that Thursdays have been our regular day to get together during two different seasons of our friendship!) I look SO forward to this time each week! My mom found this card over the summer that made her think of Jessie and me, and I could not resist buying it for her because it SO PERFECTLY described our friendship! I really can't say it better than this card does.


When I think of Jessie, I think not only of our coffee dates but also of good music (some of the songs she has shared with me have become some of my absolute favorites!), rainbow colors, Ritz cracker chips, chocolate wafers, Chuck, Pushing Daisies, house sitting, Sarah Palin, chai tea, Century Riverside Theater, Dreamer's Coffeehouse, photography (she's an EXCELLENT photographer), "Yes Man," tuna, New Girl, and llamas (she has a mild obsession with llamas), among other things... I love our friendship and am so thankful God has preserved and strengthened it through all of our ups and downs.

Thanks, Jessie, for your listening ear, your open heart, and your encouraging words... Thank you for always "hearing what I mean." Thank you for blessing my life! I love you!


Jessie Marie said...

I love you, friend. =) I am speechless as how to best respond to such a special blog post. You make me smile and warm my heart... daily.

Let's be friends for always, okay? No matter what.

<3 God is good.

Kaysi said...

For always. It is a deal. =) God IS good... I love you, too!!! <3