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Friday, June 22, 2012

Thanksgiving All Year: 431-440

I'm not gonna lie, this has been a challenging week for me, at least mentally speaking. I feel like I've been barraged with an onslaught of doubts and attempts at discouragement from the enemy, and resisting him can be a little bit draining. I'm sure it doesn't help that I'm a melancholy, an over-thinker by nature, and therefore I have more thoughts in an average day to take captive to the obedience of Christ than many people probably do. God has been extremely faithful to me throughout this time of testing, though, and looking back over the past few days, I can see that every time I chose to resist doubt and to trust Him, He almost immediately followed my decision with some form of encouragement to spur me on. I tend to be a control freak, and I can say without hesitation this is something God has been chipping away at in my life over the past year... I am determined not to fail this "demanding control" vs. "trusting God" test one more time! Though it is extremely challenging at times, I am really grateful God is working on this area in my life!

As I look back over this past week, I am thankful...

431. For a fun afternoon/evening with the girls at the lake.

My friends can be quite silly but that
just makes me love them all the more!

432. For beautiful sunsets.

433. For Pastor Eric's leadership in our Sunday morning young adults group... Somehow the questions he asks as we read through Scripture help me to see past the preconceived notions I've developed growing up in the church (which may or may not accurately reflect Scripture) and shed some of the baggage that keeps me from understanding the Gospel more clearly.

434. For an amazing dad to celebrate on Father's Day.

435. For recognizing progress in my attitude about certain situations in my life.

436. For the beauty in getting a glimpse of how God has gifted different people in our fellowship group.

437. For the sound of wind chimes.

438. For God's grace in giving me specific encouragement -- from His Spirit, from friends, from one of the youth girls I shepherd (youth ministry is not just a one-way street!), and from time with my Thursday afternoon "Living the Gospel" discussion group that reminded me of the bigger picture of life and of God's limitless power and infinite love -- to help support my faith as I choose to stand firm in it, resisting doubt and discouragement.

439. For little Caleb.

440. For the faith that God will carry on to completion the good work He begins in His children, whether circumstances look favorable for that to happen or not.

I pray as your faith faces challenges you will choose to stand firm and trust God no matter what kind of waves may be crashing around you! He will see you through! Have a great weekend, friends.

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Carrie said...

Thanks for your honesty and AMEN to #440!!! Hope the next week is better for you (and, as always, I've shared your post on my Busy Nothings Facebook page). :-) Blessings!