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Saturday, June 16, 2012

Thanksgiving All Year: 421-430

Welp! I made it back just a week after my last post, so that's good! I've had two or three other blogs in mind to write this past week, it just hasn't happened. Hopefully soon!

This week I am thankful...

421. For the chance to celebrate the marriage of two friends last Saturday... I think because they, like me, waited a long time to find the right person, this ceremony had special meaning for me. I could not be happier for Michelle and Andrew!

Michelle and Andrew only met a little over a year ago after
Michelle began attending our church and joined the choir!

422. For good friends with whom to enjoy the wedding.

423. For the Thompson family... For their understanding (and sharing) of the message of God's Kingdom, for their friendship, for the opportunity to celebrate Tara's birthday and Zack's graduation with them last weekend, and for the fact that God has been sustaining them through a recent season of trials.

424. For these ladies who are among some of my dearest friends (and for my sweet nephew, of course).

me, Erin, Rebecca, and Dana... and of course little Caleb!

425. For this group of men, for their friendships, their hearts for God, and their ability to make me laugh FREQUENTLY.

Jon, Luke, Zack, Cassidy, Ben, and Alex

426. For the Steinhardt and Bain girls ~ some of the most beautiful I've ever known, both inside and out!

Lauren and Nicole on the left; Natalie and Lauren in the middle;
and, of course, me and Ashley on the right

427. That our young adults group officially has campsites reserved for a weekend trip to Yosemite National Park in August!

I haven't seen this in person in over four years... CAN'T WAIT!

428. For Sonic tater tots.(YUM.)

429. For extra money made pet sitting.

430. That God has had me in a "cocoon" of sorts for the past few months, a season of rest and transformation, in preparation for all the things He has prepared for me to do this summer, especially over the next four weeks. Part of me feels slightly overwhelmed, but most of me just feels ready and EXCITED!

I apologize for the short post but I am headed up to the lake this afternoon with some friends... Guaranteed this outing will make next week's thanks-giving post!! Happy Weekend!


Carrie said...

Re: #428 - Does your Sonic have the Sweet Potato Tots??? Oh my gosh - I'm completely addicted to those. :-) Beautiful wedding, great thoughts!

Kaysi said...

Haha wow, no, I don't think they have those!! I would be SO interested in trying them!!! =D