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Friday, October 7, 2011

Thanksgiving All Year: 71-80

You know, I am glad I started this weekly "thanksgiving" list... It keeps me from neglecting my blog, which might otherwise sit here all but forgotten! Here in Reno it has felt as though we skipped over fall and plunged straight into winter the past couple of days... The mountains are blanketed in snow and it has been in the 40s here in the valley during the evenings! Yikes! I think this is just a fluke and hopefully Fall will return and grace us with her crisp presence for a while before we see too much more snow. We shall see!

In the meantime, this week I am thankful...

71. For a great time with my sanguine friend Ashley last weekend... Eating gelato & exploring at the Atlantis Hotel and Casino; having dinner at Olive Garden; falling asleep by 10 pm (as is customary at our sleepovers); randomly cleaning out the front of my car in the parking lot at Summit Sierra; making multiple stops between Reno & Carson City trying to decide on a place to get lunch; seeing "Moneyball;" stopping for frozen yogurt; etc.

enjoying our gelato
at the Atlantis
 72. For the GREAT film "Moneyball." (There is some strong language but it is not pervasive, especially for a sports film). It's a wonderful story that's as much about a man finding redemption and hope as it is about an underdog sports team. I saw it again with my mom on Monday and am itching to see it a third time!
73. For my mentor, Debbie, who has been pouring wisdom, prayers, and encouragement into my life for almost a year and a half.

74. For a hilarious dream in which Ashley and I met Zachary Levi.

75. For a great coffee date with my friend Kelly on Wednesday morning.

76. For good music... I've been living on Needtobreathe's new album "The Reckoning," Noise Trade's FREE fall sampler, a new mix CD from Ashley, "Put Your Arms Around Me" by The Hawk in Paris, "The Show" as recorded by Kerris Dorsey (who plays Billy Beane's daughter in "Moneyball"), and "Sigh No More" by Mumford and Sons.

77. For the HILARIOUS youtube series "Guy on a Buffalo" that my brother introduced me to this week. Go watch episodes 1, 2, and 3! (No, really. Go watch them.) (Seriously!)

78. That God faithfully sustains me through day after day as I pray fervently and wait to see Him answer.

79. For my dear friend Jessie; for our Thursday evening coffee dates at Starbucks; for the fun of seeing our friend Hannah each week because she is there working as a barista; for the fact that we've recently started praying together before parting ways after these coffee dates; and for Jessie's prayer last night which produced hope, peace, and encouragement in my heart.

80. For an overnight trip to San Francisco coming up this Sunday with my whole family plus two of my best besties, Ashley and Ben, to see the David Crowder* Band on their final tour. I am SO looking forward to enjoying a little getaway in one of my favorite cities, spending time with some of my favorite people, and most of all being part of a joyous night of praising our Savior!

good ole David Crowder
and his epic beard and hair...
with the fam and Ben on an overnight
San Fran/concert trip earlier this year

with the same two besties
on a super fun day trip
to Apple Hill last fall

If my list was eleven items long, my final item would be something to the effect of being thankful I finally got this blog post formatted the way I wanted to... Sheesh!! Haha... Well I hope you all are enjoying your October so far! Happy Weekend, everyone!

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