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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

It's a Little Bit Funny, This Feeling Inside...

My poor mom has been SUPER sick the last couple of days. She's been able to keep a tiny bit of food down today but is still achy and miserable. We're not really sure if it's food poisoning or if it's some sort of really nasty bug, but I'm paranoid that I'm going to come down with it, too (which is why I personally hope it's food poisoning). Ben and I are supposed to be going to Apple Hill on Friday. It's Nevada Day which means we're both off work (woo hoo!) and I would REALLY rather spend my day off enjoying the fall weather and chowing on some scrumptious apple crisp than to end up stuck at home tossing my cookies.

Here's half of our Mexico team sitting at the US/Mexico border.
This was the last picture I was in before I got slammed by the bug.
I think even here I look a little "green." It was not a fun night...
This afternoon I keep wondering if my tummy feels a little funny, and I honestly don't know if it really does feel slightly off, if I'm just a little hungry, or if paranoia is simply sabotaging my senses. But I'm having flashbacks to our Mexico trip in April, when our missions team passed around some sort of 24-hour bug and I was constantly analyzing the inner workings of my tummy and whether anything sinister was going on in there. Unfortunately I DID get hit with that bug on our way home, shortly after our vans crossed back into the US, and I missed our team dinner at Cracker Barrel that night in Phoenix -- TRAGEDY! This time I'm really hoping I'll just be able to chalk my fears up to my melancholic overly analytical tendencies and that my paranoia amounts to nothing more than that! I suppose time will tell... Stay tuned!

In the meantime, feel free to say a prayer for my poor mother! Get well soon, Mom!!


Ashleigh said...

Oh poisoning, sinister, green - not good words! Hope your Mom feels better soon!

Kaysi said...

Thanks so much!! She has FINALLY turned a corner in the past 24 hours and seems to be on the mend. And my dad & I are still clear of it thus far! Lots to be thankful for!! =)