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Friday, September 2, 2011

Thanksgiving All Year: 21-30

Haven't had a lot of time for blogging this week, so I've skipped right from one "thankful" list to the next with no updates in between! Hopefully I'll have more down time this coming week. In the meantime...

Today I am thankful...

21. For friends who help me to process my thoughts simply by allowing me to share them. A trusted friend's willingness to simply LISTEN (or read, for those of you who don't live in Reno) greatly relieves the mental burden of being an analytical melancholy.

22. That I was able to get caught up on a TON of stuff at home this week.

23. For new music on my ipod ~ Shawn McDonald, Mat Kearney, Jason Gray, Brandon Heath, Josh Wilson, Abandon, MIKESCHAIR.

24. For old music on my ipod ~ Mumford and Sons, Phil Wickham, Kristopher Stipech, Bebo Norman.

25. For a beautiful, fall-ish, afternoon drive in the lovely town of Truckee accompanied by a recent playlist on my ipod (see #s 23 and 24). I love driving, I love music, and I love fall, and I REALLY love them when combined!

26. For that moment in "Lord of the Rings:  The Return of the King" where Sam and Frodo come across the beheaded statue of a king and, as a ray of light shines through the clouds, notice that a wreath of flowers has grown around the detached head, giving them a brief glimpse of promise that "the crown-less again shall be king," which encourages them in their journey before the sun disappears again.

"Mister Frodo, look..."
"The king has got a crown again."

27. That God gave me an encouraging "ray of light" moment this week in my own journey.

28. For sandwiches involving avocado and bacon.

29. For finding Hello Panda at an Asian market in Reno and for fun memories of visiting Chinatown in San Francisco last summer.

I tried to resist but Jake and Ashley made me do it!

30. That God wants what is best, not just FOR me but FROM me, which means He is constantly working on my heart so that I can be more of what He wants me to be for others.

Have a great week -- and Happy September!


Carrie said...

Happy September, Kaysi!! Love your list this week - amen to the first item of people who listen without feeling the need to give advice. Sometimes I just need to share and vent and work through it on my own, yet bouncing it off someone helps as well. As I told Peter a few weeks ago, I don't need you to fix it, I just need you to listen. :-)

P.S. Just a question, is there any way for you to make the font bigger on your blog? It comes across quite small on my computer and I'm wondering if it's the font size or my computer. Any idea?!

Kaysi said...

Ta-da!! Is that more reader-friendly?? Let me know if it still needs adjusting!

Thanks for the feedback!! And I know exactly what you mean -- more often than not I don't need someone to fix a problem, just someone to listen so I can process through it. =) Glad it isn't just me! Happy September to you, too -- hope you guys have enjoyed your long weekend!! =D

Carrie said...

Bigger and better! Thanks, Kaysi! I was beginning to wonder if it was time to schedule an eye appointment for me! ;-)