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Friday, September 9, 2011

Thanksgiving All Year: 31-40 - National Parks Vacation Edition

Today I am writing from St. George, Utah, where I've spent the last three nights with my parents!! Oh, the sights that we have seen this week!!! I will update this post with photos in a few days but I haven't uploaded any of them yet... In the meantime, forgive me for a text-only list!!

Today I am thankful...

31. For Cracker Barrel cornbread.

32. For our waitress at Cracker Barrel last night who, when hearing how disappointed I was to learn they had run out of cornbread and finding out we were visiting from Reno, had a manager cook up a special batch!! Eight delectable cornbread muffins, fresh out of the oven, just for me!!! =D (No, I didn't eat all eight of them.)

33. For the towering canyon walls of Zion National Park.

34. For the endless variety of shapes and colors in the many rock formations at Bryce Canyon.

35. For the dizzying depths of the Grand Canyon.

36. That my mom has faced her fear of heights all week long and done things she never thought she would do (and, therefore, seen things she never thought she would see).

37. For the two rocker dudes who urged me to climb up on top of the rock at the end of Bright Angel Point yesterday at the Grand Canyon, giving me one of my favorite moments of the trip -- probably because it was the most nervous I was all week about looking out from a great height, but I climbed up there anyway!

38. For John Eldredge's book Waking the Dead, which I think had more of an impact on my life when I read it several years ago than I realized until I started re-reading it this week.

39. For Starbucks' pumpkin frappuccino, which may become my go-to drink for the fall.

40. For my Great Uncle Dale who went to be with the Lord yesterday.

We will be headed back to Reno soon and I will upload photos to accompany this week's list as soon as I can. Have a great weekend!

{Updated 9/16/11 ~ photos included at last! Sorry I had nothing to accompany the last three items on my list! Enjoy!}


Beth Stone said...

Wow - sounds like an amazing trip! Can't wait to see your pics....

I'm sorry to hear about the loss of your uncle, but knowing where he is now is definitely something for which to be thankful...

Great list!

Carrie said...

Fun trip - we've been to Zion, Bryce, and the Grand Canyon and yes, they are all amazingly beautiful examples of God's handiwork! Of course, considering that it's a result of the flood, one has to wonder what it looked like before that - even prettier perhaps?!

Sorry to hear about your uncle, but praise the Lord that he is in a MUCH better place.

Have a great week-end!

Kaysi said...

Thank you for your condolences, ladies. And I look forward to sharing my pictures!