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Friday, August 26, 2011

Thanksgiving All Year: 11-20

Today I am thankful...

11. For my missionary friend Lisa and her frequent updates about what God is doing in Candelaria, Nicaragua -- especially on days when I feel trapped in my own head. Her updates draw my mind back to a global, Kingdom perspective and make my own circumstances seem much less critical and overwhelming.

12. For my friend Ashley's willingness to distract me with random fun activities during difficult times.

13. That God is in the business of redeeming, restoring, refreshing, renewing, and rebuilding things that are damaged or broken.

14. For the Perspectives class that just started this past Monday night and for having a group of friends, old and new, with whom to study and share the experience.

U-Swirl with Jess, Adrienne, and Ash
after our first Perspectives class

15. That God speaks to us through His Word, His Spirit, and other Believers.

16. That God has spoken to ME this week through all of the above.

17. For a good night's sleep last night (7 hours) for what seems like the first time in weeks.

18. For God's unconditional, unchanging love that remains no matter how lousy MY attitude or actions may sometimes be.

19. For HOPE.

20. For Mumford & Sons' song "The Cave," which, to me, seems to emanate hope both lyrically and musically.
But I will hold on hope
And I won't let you choke
On the noose around your neck

And I'll find strength in pain
And I will change my ways
I'll know my name as it's called again

(Just for the record, I don't really get this video at all, but I kinda like it anyway!)

Week 1 of being 30 has been challenging, and I definitely hope not all of the next 51 weeks are as tough... But even in the tough times God is good and I have plenty to be thankful for!


Carrie said...

Perhaps rather than looking at it as "week one of being 30 has been challenging", you should just think of it as a challenging week - even if you were still 29. ;-) Those weeks come when you're 10, or 30, or 70! However, that being said, praise the Lord for His faithfulness to us when we are going through those times and I hope this coming week is MUCH better for you! Blessings!

Kaysi said...

Haha very true Carrie... I think it just struck me that way because it was the first week of a "big year." Thank you for the well-wishes! Blessings to you, too!! =)