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Friday, September 23, 2011

Thanksgiving All Year: 51-60

Maybe one of these days I will get more than one blog post up between my "Thanksgiving" lists, but clearly, this wasn't the week for it! Today I am thankful...

51. For the cute sweater I got at Kohl's last week for under $4 after using $20 in Kohl's cash.

52. For Needtobreathe's AWESOME new album that came out on Tuesday ~ and a beautiful afternoon to drive around and listen to it!!!

shot of the Truckee River from my Tuesday afternoon drive

53. For the realization that I had an extra paycheck this month, which means I am not "in the hole" after our recent vacation, as I expected to be...

54. ...and I actually have EXTRA money...

55. ...which allowed me to take my mom out to Olive Garden for lunch on Monday...

56. ...and which means I should be able to afford the new windshield I need and was praying about the very day I realized I had an extra check! Praise God for His provision!

57. That God keeps faithfully carrying me through whatever bouts of discouragement come my way.

58. For a fun dinner at Applebee's with Ashley before choir practice on Wednesday.

59. For an impromptu and laugh-filled sleepover with Jessie last night.

with Jessie & her dino pal last week
after a coffee date at Starbucks =)
60. For an encouraging time with Rebecca over lunch at Hacienda today.

Have a great weekend... Happy Fall, Y'all!!!


Carrie said...

Yay for extra (surprise) paychecks and #57 for sure!! Hope you have a great week-end!

Kaysi said...

Absolutely! Hope you had a great week-end, too!! (By the way, I love that you hyphenate "week-end!") =)