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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Thanksgiving All Year: 211-230 - Disneyland Trip Edition

Hello again, poor Blogger Dashboard which has been so neglected for most of this month!! And hello, readers who may have thought I dropped off the face of the earth! I AM still here... The truth is, I got to enjoy a fairly last-minute trip to "the happiest place on earth," DISNEYLAND, with some friends last weekend! It totally threw off the timing for my weekly thanks-giving post... I don't, however, have an excuse for falling further behind this past weekend. That was just laziness, haha. At any rate, I'm back now and ready to share not 10 but 20 things I am thankful for!

Without further adieu, today I am thankful...

211. For the opportunity to take my first trip to Disneyland with four super awesome friends.

212. For Chick-fil-A employees who make us laugh by photobombing pictures.

213. For detours that don't serve their purpose but add to the memories of a road trip anyway.

We stopped at a See's Candy in downtown Sacramento
only to find out they had closed 20 minutes earlier...
But we got to see the Capitol Building haha!

214. For beautiful sunsets.

215. For a town called Buttonwillow, simply because I think that name is hilarious and adorable.

216. That Jess's grandparents graciously opened their home to us for lodging during our trip. 

217. For friends who CRACK ME UP and make time spent waiting in long lines pass quickly.

Ben was demonstrating how he could
"dance" his way to the front of the line...
He and TJ both kept us entertained!

218. For beautiful flowers.

219. For Jess, her friendship, and how God has been using her to help me loosen up and live in the moment.

220. For chili in a sourdough bread bowl, eaten while watching an entertaining dinner show.

We had been on our feet for about nine hours
at this point and it was cold and rainy outside...
It was GREAT to warm up and give our feet a rest!

221. For a good night's sleep and a yummy breakfast before our second day at Disneyland.

222. For mustering up the courage to ride ANY and EVERY ride, even the ones that scared me.

Tower of Terror... Can you spot my hand GRIPPING the seat?!

223. That by our third time on California Screamin' I was even able to keep my eyes open the entire time!

224. For random strangers who offered to take pictures for us throughout the trip.

225. For the amazing "World of Color" water and light show that served as a grand finale for our time at Disneyland.

226. For two hours of laughter sitting around the kitchen table on the last night of our trip.

227. For spontaneous photo shoots with joshua trees in the desert.

228. For Erick Schat's Bakkery in Bishop, California.

229. For safety on the roads, all the way to LA and back.

230. That God faithfully continues His refining work in me, pointing out areas where I have not submitted to Him in the past, showing me a better way, and causing my love for Him to increase as He brings growth to my life.

I was seriously SO BLESSED by this trip, which we didn't even start planning until just over two weeks before we left!! It was such a fun time and such an unexpected treat. What a great way to kick off 2012! I hope perhaps your year has already seen some unexpected blessings as well!


Carrie said...

Looks like such a FUN trip, Kaysi! Kudos to you for riding all the rides. That Tower of Terror? NO WAY!! Loved seeing all the pictures, that a horse in the front yard of your friend's grandparent's house??

Beth Stone said...

OK, that Chick-fil-a pic is cracking me up... I think I'll start doing that to total strangers' photos - hilarious! Those flowers are gorgeous too. Wow. And amen and ditto on #230... Glad you had a fun and safe trip. I miss you all! :o) It's fun to keep up with you this way though...

Kaysi said...

Thank you, ladies!! =)

Carrie, I was literally SHAKING when we got off the Tower of Terror, hahaha!! No other ride had that effect on me! Thankfully it is a very short ride, because it really is terrifying... But I think part of me actually DID enjoy it, haha!! And yes, that is a horse statue in Jess's grandparents' yard, hahaha!!!

Beth, I fully support your endeavor to photobomb strangers' photos, hahaha!!! And we saw those flowers while standing in line for Peter Pan's Flight! They really were gorgeous!! I miss you, too, and am also glad we can keep up via blog!! =)