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Friday, January 6, 2012

Thanksgiving All Year: 201-210

Hello, friends! I hope the first few days of this brand new year have been pleasant and refreshing ones for you so far! I am thrilled to report that I think I've finally got this wretched supposed sinus infection almost kicked... Although it seemed I'd turned a corner a couple weeks ago, the nasty thing reared its ugly head again and I ended up on a second round of antibiotics. Today must be the most normal I've felt in nearly a month (the scratchy throat first started on December 8), and I am VERY thankful for that!

I enjoyed the entire week between Christmas and New Year's off work and actually kept quite busy despite the fact I wasn't working. Of course, I guess busy-ness comes naturally with having a new tiny person enter your family, doesn't it? I've definitely had a lot to be thankful for over these past couple of weeks as we bid 2011 farewell and rang in 2012.

So today as I begin a whole new year of thanks-giving, I am thanking God...

201. For coffee and lunch dates spent catching up with friends I haven't seen in a while.

Starbucks with Audrey

Applebee's with Mackie

202. For the joy of holding my sweet nephew. 

That little scrunched up face
steals my heart!

203. For our third annual "'New Year's Adam' Girls Dinner and Movie Night" (held each December 30th, the night before New Year's Eve... Get it??).

We had dinner at BJ's
and saw "New Year's Eve."

It only took Ashley two tries
to get all 14 of us in one shot!

204. For good friends with whom to ring in the new year.

Enjoying my mom's homemade
mac and cheese among other things!

Alex and Ben in back;
Jessie, Jess, Rebecca, and me;
Mike in front ~ Happy 2012!!!

205. For itunes gift cards from Cassidy, Erin, and Judy for Christmas that have allowed me to purchase the upcoming (and final -- boo!) David Crowder Band album, the "New Year's Eve" soundtrack, three songs from "We Bought a Zoo," and nine new (to me) Shawn McDonald songs.



206. For an utterly lazy pajama day with my parents on Monday before returning to work on Tuesday.

207. For antibiotics, saline nasal spray, and a former nurse who had the wisdom to know that I needed BOTH in order to kick this mess I've been dealing with for way too long.

208. For free tickets to see Shawn McDonald in concert.

Sounding AWESOME despite
a dry socket and technical difficulties!

Thank you, Jon and Dana,
for sharing your free tickets!!

209. For Belgian chocolate. Someone blessed the church staff with a giant bar of it for Christmas. YUM.

210. For the words "BUT GOD," for multiple reminders this week that TOMORROW is in His hands, and for my God being the God who "opens prison doors and sets the captives free."

So far, 2012 is off to a good start! I hope you can say the same! Have a wonderful first full weekend of the year!

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