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Friday, December 2, 2011

Thanksgiving All Year: 151-160

Well, I didn't quite meet my goal of blogging every day in November, BUT I think setting the goal definitely motivated me to blog more than I otherwise would have, so I'm going to call it good! Now here we are in December... Can you BELIEVE IT?! I can't... I think I'm glad. I'm ready to say goodbye to 2011 and welcome a fresh start with 2012.

My devotion today called for me to read Psalm 145. Verse 18 reads, "The Lord is near to all who call upon Him..." while verse 21 reads, "My mouth will speak the praise of the Lord..." I made a note in the margin of my Bible that I don't want to focus on calling upon the Lord at the expense of praising Him. I want to do both.

With that in mind, this week I am thankful...

151. For a 5-day weekend during the Thanksgiving holiday, during which I actually relaxed instead of trying to get a bunch of stuff done. 

152. For a beautiful Saturday afternoon spent walking along the Truckee River downtown with Jessie.

153. For dinner and a movie with Judy -- in belated honor of her birthday!

154. For ways God has been moving in my heart this week...
  • through Sunday morning's sermon about being a living sacrifice
  • through Sunday night's episode of The Amazing Race
  • through my devotional reading on Monday which reaffirmed what God had spoken to my heart through the sermon
  • through our Perspectives speaker on Monday evening about transformation coming through obedience, not through head knowledge
  • through learning to find joy in supporting someone else in something he (or she) is passionate about... I'm thankful God has been teaching me to look beyond my own desires to find joy in supporting someone else's.
155. For my mom, and for a family dinner outing to celebrate her birthday on Tuesday.

156. For moments I expect to be awkward that turn out to be encouraging.

157. For a FUN choir practice in the Living Christmas Tree ~ for the surprise of being placed in the very top of the tree this year; for finding that I actually enjoy being in that top spot (I had my doubts!); and for having two of my besties, Ashley and Rebecca, positioned right below me in the tree.

my view of the sanctuary
from 18 feet above the stage!

158. For Rebecca's friendship and sweet encouragement in my life.

159. For this HILARIOUS video that had me CRACKING UP!!!

160. For Needtobreathe. I honestly can't think of another band whose music I truly enjoy such a large percentage of. (For instance, U2 and David Crowder* Band are two of my FAVORITE bands, but I probably really LOVE about 60% of their songs, while the other 40% I could take or leave... However, I probably really LOVE about 85% of Needtobreathe's songs............ Annnnnd who, aside from me, would ever think through something like this?? I'm such a geek!)

One of the verses from my devotional reading on Monday that really summarized the attitude God's been cultivating in my heart lately is Philippians 2:17...
But even if I am being poured out as a drink offering upon the sacrifice and service of your faith, I rejoice and share my joy with you all.
This is a lesson I wish I'd learned a long time ago... To find joy in seeing others fulfill God's call on their lives by pursuing the passions He's given them, whether it's my ideal option or not. I pray God is working in your heart and speaking to you in these days as He is working in mine and speaking to me, and I pray you have the courage and conviction to follow Him in obedience! Happy December!

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Carrie said...

Happy December, my friend! Love your thankfulness list and I hope you are enjoying every moment of this glorious holiday season!

Wanted to let you know that I gave you a blogging award on Busy Nothings today. You can absolutly ignore it and the "rules" (and you can see what I thought about it in my post), but I wanted to share it with you and let you know that I have enjoyed reconnecting through FB and your blog. You have encouraged and blessed me over the last year and I'm looking forward to following your adventures in 2012! Blessings and Merry Christmas!