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Sunday, December 18, 2011

Thanksgiving All Year: 161-180

Well hello again and Merry Almost-Christmas! It's been a while... I've been fighting a nasty cold (and a double ear infection on the side) for the past week and a half. It hit just in time for what was probably the busiest weekend of the year for me, with our last choir practice, dress rehearsal, and two Living Christmas Tree performances, plus a graduation party, two Christmas parties, and The Nutcracker Ballet within a six-day span. Praise God, Zicam and hot tea helped keep the cold at bay until our choir performances were over. The congestion kicked in a week ago tonight, and I ended up staying home from work all week, aside from a three-hour block on Friday. I even went to the doctor! I don't do that often. Anyway, between all the festivities last weekend and being drugged up half of this week, I am behind on blogging. So I'm doubling up to cover the past two week's worth of thanks-giving!

Without further ado, these past two weeks, I've been thankful...

161. For a fun sleepover with Jessie two weekends ago involving dorito casserole, the classic movie "While You Were Sleeping," and episodes of the absurdly hilarious show Arrested Development.

162. For a fun Sunday with Jessica two weeks ago ~ lunch at Qdoba with Cassidy, Erin, Jon, and Dana, followed by Jessica's first Yogurt Beach experience, followed by our church's children's choir's Christmas performance!
Jess LOVED Yogurt Beach!

Joyful Noise's presentation of "Meet Me at the Manger" ~
Ashley and Luke were a RIOT as mannequins in the program!

163. For another year of helping my mom decorate the Christmas tree, and for the memories and meanings behind so many of our ornaments.

164. That God used one of our Perspectives speakers and my friend Jill to help shift my Christmas focus back to CHRIST when I had been letting the activities of the season distract me.

165. For unused PTO and sick days.

166. For the fun annual tradition of seeing The Nutcracker Ballet with my mom and for the joy of watching Lauren and Nicole, two beautiful girls from our church, dance in it each year.

167. For a SUPER fun lunch and fellowship time at Olive Garden last Sunday afternoon with Jessica, Ben, Alex, Mike, Rebecca, Jon, and Dana.

168. For the privilege of participating in our choir's Living Christmas Tree again this year. 

me, Katie, and Ashley just before
our opening performance

Thanks, Dad, for playing photographer for me!!

169. That God kept my cold to a minimum of a swollen throat until our performances were over.

170. That Jessie, Amber, Jessica, Ben, and Alex each got to come to one of our performances... It's so much fun to have good friends come support you!

171. That the choir somehow managed to finish singing Joy to the World a cappella when the track for that song suddenly cut out during our second show (quite the challenge considering this version of the song included key changes)!

172. For a fun time chatting with Ashley, Rebecca, Michelle, and Katie after our final performance as we were disassembling the tree. 

173. For a SUPER fun staff Christmas party Monday night with the world's best co-workers...

We had tons of delicious food and...

...a hilarious white elephant gift exchange!

174. ...and for two particularly hilarious gifts that kept us laughing throughout our white elephant gift exchange ~ the "Singing Rabbi" that Cassidy opened and the "Family Blankeez" prank box that Ben ended up with!

175. For blankets, pillows, and movies to keep me company when I'm sick.

176. For the movie "Australia"... I had forgotten how good it is!

177. For modern medicine. I typically try not to take too much medication, even for something simple like a headache, because I never want to get dependent on anything, but when you're feeling as miserable as I was earlier in the week, the dazed, drowsy feeling that comes after taking cough syrup with codeine in it is pretty darn blissful!!

178. That Ben scored an 88 on his ASVAB this week -- six points higher than when he took it previously (which was already a good score)!!! So excited for him!

179. For the incredible blessing of ongoing encouragement that God has given me in my friendship with Rebecca.

180. For my BFF-since-1st-grade/Roadie/Prayer Warrior, Anna, and for happy memories of her and her mom visiting us last Christmas.

Christmas Eve dessert
at Cassidy and Erin's

The Fantastic Four, reunited
for the first time since 2007! <3

dinner with Reno friends

shopping in the snow at South Tahoe

Whew! It feels good to be all caught up! Hope you all are almost finished with your Christmas preparations and that you are able to keep your focus on CHRIST during this busy season! Have a great week!


Carrie said...

Hope you feel better soon, Kaysi! Have a very Merry Christmas!! Blessings!

Kaysi said...

Thanks, Carrie! I think I am getting there... Slowly but surely. =) Merry Christmas & blessings to you, too!!