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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Thanksgiving All Year: 451-490

Holy cow. July has been a whirlwind of a month, and it's been both awesome and challenging! But since I am FOUR WEEKS BEHIND on my thanks-giving lists, I'm going to cut to the chase and let my list speak for itself about what I've been up to, then maybe I'll compose another blog later to elaborate on some of it. (Or maybe not, who knows!)

This MONTH I have been thankful...

451. For my Nana and Gramps, and for the joy of having them visit for the first time in five years.

452. For the beauty of witnessing Nana and Gramps meeting Caleb for the first time.

453. For my sweet nephew.

454. For family dinners.

455. For beautiful downtown Reno.

456. For the opportunity to enjoy ice cream and fireworks with our young adults group.

457. For the freedom we have in America.

458. For waffles containing oats and walnuts, topped with blueberries and real maple syrup.

459. For my "worldview group" that's going through Chuck Colson's How Now Shall We Live? together. I grow SO MUCH through our discussions!

460. For family picnics in beautiful places (in this case, Donner Lake).

461. For inside jokes that never die ~ FREE LEONARD! (Sorry, you had to be there...)

462. For beautiful days at Lake Tahoe with friends and family.

463. For volleyball.

464. That so many of my closest friends got to meet Nana and Gramps (and vice versa) during their visit.

465. For family birthday celebrations.

466. For homemade grilled pizza. YUM.

467. For having four generations in one picture.

468. For fresh fruit, vegetables, and bread from the Sparks Farmers Market.

469. For a friend so thoughtful as to show up at the church before 7 am to bring me Starbucks the day of a youth trip... Thanks, Judy!

470. For our youth group's annual camping trip to Santa Cruz.

471. For Chick-fil-A. (Disclaimer: This has absolutely NOTHING to do with the recent controversy. Consider me a neutral party, please. I simply love their chicken and have incredibly fond memories of working for this company.)

472. For the excitement of saying "WE'RE HERE!" after hours on the road!

473. For spending time in closer-than-usual proximity to God's creation.

474. For my girls (that is to say, those who were in my discipleship group in Santa Cruz).

475. For Tristan and Jacob ~ such GREAT guys who make me laugh so much!

476. That I got to be with Cloe' the first time she saw the ocean!

477. For Manresa State Beach... I have sooooo many treasured memories of this place.

478. For these HILARIOUS pictures of Griffin having people throw bread at him to make the seagulls flock around him. Our youth are crazy!

479. For "Beach Day" at Santa Cruz, where we have the whole afternoon to nap, read, swim, build sandcastles, play volleyball, etc. on the beach. So. Relaxing.

480. For time with Caleb during the Santa Cruz trip.

481. For laughter.

482. For great teaching by Cassidy and Eric in Santa Cruz.

483. For our youth group. I truly love these kids.

484. For the girl in the Starbucks drive-thru the other day who immediately told me how beautiful my hair was when I pulled up... Amazing how one simple compliment from a stranger can make your day when you're feeling down!

485. For the song "Learn Me Right" by Birdy and Mumford and Sons.

486. For my bestie, who was a part of so many of my good memories from this month.

487. For our young adults planning team and the encouragement I receive from meeting with them.

488. For time spent recently with new friends and with old friends I haven't gotten to spend time with in a while.

489. For glimpses of continued healing, restoration, and growth in various relationships.

490. For an ever-deepening understanding of the Gospel and Christ's call to find real life by dying to self and submitting to His good and loving rule.

Wow, I feel like this was even longer than my Seven Years in Reno blog... Yikes! I trust my next one will be MUCH shorter! Until then...


Carrie said...

Awesome. All of it. But seriously...could Caleb get any CUTER??? Isn't being an aunt the BEST? :-)

Kaysi said...

Oh, it is ABSOLUTELY the greatest!!! =D I love that little boy more than I ever could have imagined loving someone!!